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2023  getanzt      (NEU = Neu in 2023 gelernt)    Stand 22.09.23
Genaue Setlisten findet ihr im Kalender

11 Beers

11 Beers With You Couple Dance (NEU April 23)

12 Snap (Choreographie: Maggie Gallagher)  (Neu Februar 23)

16 Step (Couple Dance)

2 Lane Highway

A Hero AB   (NEU März 23)

A Little bit Gypsy

A Man is in Love

Ah Si !

All about a Woman

American Kids

An absolute Dream

Angel in Blue Jeans

Another Song

Anything for Love

Aussie Summer

Baby Ride Easy  

Bad Habits

Bad Moon Rising

Barn Dance (Couple Dance)

Be A Better Man (Choreo: José Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk (NEU Februar 23)

Beer for my Horses


Best Of Us  (Neu Juli 23)

Befor the Devil 

Billy´s Dance (Couple Dance) Musik: San Francisco

Black Coffee

Blue Note

Blue Roses

Bonarparte´s Retreat

Born to Love


Bring Down the House

Bring On the Good Time 


Cabo San Lukas

Calm after the Storm

Canadian Stomp

Cards on the Table

Celtic Duo

Celtic Nala

Champagne Promise

Canadian Stomp

Chasing Down a Good Time


Cheap Talk

Chica Boom Boom

Chill Factor

Chuck and Cowboy 

City Light Swing    (Couple Dance)

Clickety Clack




Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights (NEU Mai 23)

Cold Heart  (Choreographie: Maddison Glover) (NEU Mai 23)

Come Dance with me


Corn don´t Grow

Cotton Eye Joe

Cotton Picking Morning

Country 2 Step

Country High

Country Nights (Choreographie: Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly) (NEU Mär 23)

Cowboy Cha Cha  (Couple Dance) (NEU April 23)

Crazy Foot Mambo

Crazy S (Choreographie: Silvia Schill & Séverine Fillion)

Damn !!!

Damn Drunk

Day to feel Alive (Choreographie: Séverine Fillion & Arnaud Marraffa (NEU Juli 23)

Dig Your Heels

Dim the Lights

Disappearing Tail Lights


Don´t  Touch

Double Devil

Double Shot of Crown

Drinking Problem


Drivin’ my Life Away

East Bound & Down

El Paso (Couple Dance)

Empty Space

Every Minute of the Day (NEU Juni 23)

Everyone need a Hero  (NEU Febuar 23)

Eyes On You 

Face The Musik (Choreographie: Maddison Glover) (NEU Juli 23)

Fall in Love

Feel the Beat


Fishing in the Dark 

Fly High

Galway Girl

Get In or Get Out     (NEU Januar 23)

Get it Right

Give Me Your Tempo (NEU April 23)

Going Back West 

Golden Wedding Ring

Gone West

Greater Than Me

Groovy Love

Grundy Gallop

Gypsy Queen

Half of Me (Couple Dance)  (NEU April 23)

Heaven´s Jukebox

Here Goes Nothing 

Hey Girl

Heyday Tonight  (NEU Juni 23)  (Choreographie: Séverine Fillion)

High Cotton 

Holly´s Church

Home to Louisiana

I Love a Rainy Night

I Used My Witchcraft

I´m On My Way

Irish Boots (Ivonne Verhagen, Kate Sala, Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk) (NEU April 23)

Irish Stew 

Island in the Stream

Island in The Stream  (Couple Dance)  (NEU April 23)

It´s Amerika

If You believe   (Choreograpie: Gary O'Reilly) (NEU Mai 23)


K Step and Rumba   (NEU März 23)

Kid Rock Alabama

Kill the Spider

Kiss Me (Choreographie: Mathieu L´Huillier) (NEU Mai 23)

Knee Deep 

La Estrella   (Couple Dance)  (NEU Mai 23)

Lay Low

Leaving Of Liverpool 

Lebe deinen Traum (NEU Juni 23)

Like A Fine Wine

Little White Church

Locklins Bar

Lonely Drum

Lord Help Me


Lots of Love

Love Grows

Love Her Like That (Gary O´Reilly) (Neu Februar 23)

Love is Like

Lover Please Come Back  (Couple Dance) Neu Mai 23

Lucky Lips   (Choreographie: Gary Lafferty) (NEU September 2023)

Lucky Me

Magic 5    (NEU April 23)

Make that Call

Mamma Maria

Marching Home

Me & You    (Choreographie: Séverine Fillion) (NEU August 23)


Memphis Love

Messed up in Memphis 

My Greek No 1   (NEU August 23)

Miss Congeniality 


Nancy Mulligan

New Friends  (Gary O'Reilly)  (NEU März 23)

No No Never

Not Fair

Nothing But You

Old and Grey

Old Time of Rock´n Roll

Open Heart Cowboy

Outside Looking In  (Choreographie: Hollnsteiner)  (NEU Juni 23)

Over the Moon

Overpass Graffiti

Palo Duro  (Choreographie: Siggi Güldenfuß)  (NEU September 23)

Pavement Ends

People are Crazy

People are Good

People Break



Pot of Gold

Pretty Girl

Quarter After One 

Radio Romp

Raggle Taggle

Raised Like That


Rhyme or Reason

Rock Paper Scissors

Rocket to the Sun (Choreographie: Maddison Glover) (NEU September 23)


Rose Garden

Silver Lining

Skiffle Time

Soak up the Sun

Something In the Water

Speak to the Sky


Start the Car

Stilbaii Charleston

Storm and Stone


Stray Cat Strut

Streets of You

Sugar and Pai

Summer Fly

Suzanne Suzanne (Couple Dance)

Sweet Caroline

Tag On

Talk is Cheap


Tequila Sunrise

Texas Time

Thank You

The Blarney Roses

The Bucket

The Gambler

The Grass between my Toes

The Long Way Home

The Trail

The Wanderer

The World


Three Teachers

Til The Neon´s Gone

Til you Can´t



Train Wreck

Tribal Town  (Choreo. Gary O'Reilly) (NEU Juni 2023)

Tush Push

Twist and Turns

Under The Sun

Until The Down (NEU Juli 23)

Urban Grace

Urban Living 

Walking Away

Wastet It  (Choreo.: Daniel Trepat)  (NEU Mai 23)

Waterfall (Choreo.: Maggie Gallagher) (Neu September 23)

Wave on Wave

Waves of Love

We Did

We Go Home


Wagon Wheel Rock

What A Song Can Do

When You Smile

When You´re Drunk (H. Barton & G. Rodgers) (NEU März 23)

Where we´ve Been

Whiskey and Rain (Couple Dance) (NEU Mai 23)

Whiskey on the Shelf (Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher)  (NEU Februar 23)

Whiskeys Gone

White Rose

Wind in My Sails


Wishfull Thinking

Woman Trouble

Wrong direktion (Gudrun Schneider)  (NEU Juni 23)

Young Again

Zjozzy´s Funk


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